Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Time For...

...a change.

Sometimes you come to a crossroads in your life,
That reveals a whole new you.
Something you’ve somehow missed before,
But now is in your view.

It’s like you're peering through a looking-glass,
A reflection you couldn’t see.
It’s like seeing your life through another lens,
A person you couldn’t be.

But whose lens is it anyways?
Is it yours or mine? Is it even real?

Real it is, for I’m seeing it now,
It’s more than within my grasp.

It’s at my fingertips,
And beneath my feet,
And in sync with every beat.

If seeing means a desire to make changes…

Then I give thanks to the crossroads,
And what it’s given me.
Thank goodness for the view,
And what I couldn’t see.

I give thanks for the looking-glass,
The reflection that will be.
Thank goodness for my new lens,
And the person that I’ll be.

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