Monday, January 24, 2011


I will have peace if I treat others peacefully.

- Karen Casey

"Have you ever really stopped and examined your feelings when a driver cuts in front of you and then drives slower than the speed limit? Or when the person in front of you has thirty items in a twelve-item checkout line in the supermarket?  Notice your feelings the next time someone does something that is frustrating.  Don't think of the other person.  Think of yourself and bring your awareness to how you are feeling.  You breath might be shallow.  Your fist or your jaw might be clenched.
"This is a perfect time to practice mindfulness.  Observe all that is going on for you without any judgements.  Completely accept what you are feeling.  Be aware of your reactions.  As you do this, you will notice a shift in your feelings.  The anger and frustration will leave and you will feel your body relax.  You will feel peaceful and be less tempted to treat the other person with anger."

"I am practicing the art of mindfulness as I go through my day today.  I am the observer, not the judge, as I bring peace to myself and others."

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