Friday, January 21, 2011

Most Adorable Baby-Related Story:

I follow Inchmark Journal, a fun little blog that I have enjoyed for some time written by Brooke Reynolds.  Well! She shared a baby-related story from this past Christmas, and I had to share!  It's about how her brother and sister-in-law found out the gender of their expected baby.  Read her post below, or visit her blog here:

Christmas Gender Reveal
My little brother and his family were visiting for Christmas, and they are expecting their third child. As we opened up our gifts Christmas morning, he pulled one special gift from the pile and called the family to attention.

My sister-in-law had had an ultrasound earlier that week, and they didn't know what they were having. They asked the ultrasound technician to write on a piece of paper if it was a boy or a girl, and then they went to a clothing store and picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit. They gave the note from the ultrasound visit to the clerk at the store and said they wanted to buy either the blue boy outfit or the pink girl outfit depending on what the note said. The clerk wrapped it in a box so they couldn't see which outfit they had purchased.

They wrapped the box and opened it with us on Christmas morning, so we could all find out at the same time that they are having.. a little girl!

It was so fun to see the reactions of my brother and his wife, my parents, my kids, and my niece and nephew as they all found out. By far the most exciting gift we opened Christmas morning and one of the most creative gender reveals I've seen.

Aren't you glad I shared?? So sweet!
Since this post is directly from her blog, I'm gonna name this a "guest blog" post!
Be sure to check her out!


  1. I would have cried happy tears if I was the clerk, just like I would have cried happy tears if I was that prego! Too cute!!

  2. Seriously?!!
    I can't imagine my reaction, knowing something so personal and keeping it secret from strangers! haha