Friday, February 11, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You...?

We went to Monster Jam 2011!
It was pretty damn fun.  I walked in, ear plugs in hand, expecting it to be beyond words loud and was surprised that I didn't need them at all!  Must be my generation of blasting my musak while growing up... If anything I thought it could have been more extreme than it was already. 

Highlights would include the entire stadium successfully doing the wave more than five times over, hanging with fun friends and of course the trucks put on a great show!  My man was laughing at me every time I was actually hoping they'd flip their trucks - horrible, I know!  But what's a monster truck show without trucks flipping over, right?!  It was fun times.  This is an event I think I would do again..

The only odd part was my crazy ass camera making my photos look far less manly with all the purple hues. *laughing out loud*  Literally every picture looked like it was taken with a pastel filter. So not monster-truck-esque, huh?  All well!

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