Friday, March 4, 2011

Goal #71: Reach 1001 posts on my blog

In honor of my 1,001st blog post, I want to share my love for my friends who too, have been inspired to start their own blogs.  I love them all, and I encourage you to become a follower of their blogs too!
*and in no particular order...*

Boog's Exploration | Alex, my sister, I love her.

the baby sassy show | Shannon, my dearest friend & new bloggie!

OCGente | Albert, my family & inspiring writer.

Simply Vintage by Santanarose | Rosie, my family & newest inspiring jewelry designer.

From these Lips... | Madalyn, you know her already!

Pink.Dazzle.Gloss | Taryn, my dear friend & newest blogger!

Sharing is caring!  I'm so ridiculously happy to have all of these blogs to look to every week for fun posts to make me smile!

Do you have a blog you want to share it? Leave a comment so we can check it out!

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