Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goal #6: Go horseback riding & Goal #70: Go wine tasting

So! Here's the story... our lovely friend Shannon bought two vouchers for horseback riding/wine tasting tour before she found out she was preggars, and then realized they were about to expire right as my birthday was rolling up.  So... to not let them go to waste, she re-birthday-gifted them to me and my sister (her birthday shortly followed)! Not only was it an awesome gesture, but it crossed two things off our list! Talk about a 3-in-1 gift!  
So our adventure started with some fabulous horse riding...
Yeaa, we're pros!

...and followed with some sweet wine tasting! *don't drink and ride*
Cheers to you Shannon!

Check out this seriously awesome wine rack.. I love the vintage bike look: 

Thanks Shannon!

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