Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hump Day Fave: Compliments, Giving & Receiving!


Who doesn't like a good compliment here and there? I know I sure do! Whether you're the giver or receiver of a compliment, you both really win. It feels good to receive them, and being able to make someone feel good - well, it just feels good! And for both my selfishness and attempts to "do good" reasons, this is something I've been extending more often as of late.

For instance, the other morning while standing in line at the coffee shop I was admiring the girl's scarf in front of me. There I was thinking to myself, that is a gorgeous scarf! I wonder where she got it? Is it new or an old favorite? hmmmm...

Well why the hell not just say it aloud?! What do I have to lose right?

So I tapped her shoulder and complimented her *seriously* gorgeous scarf.

What did I lose? Nothing.

What did I gain? A good conversation about the scarf she bought on her post-college trip to NYC, how she was sooo excited to bust it out this morning! and how I just made her morning!

Both her and I walked out with smiles on our faces.

Uhhh two words for you: win-win!

So the next time you're thinking to yourself, nice scarf!, cute shoes!, ohhhh I love that top!, or that's exactly how I want my hair! - I encourage you to say it aloud!

Spread the positive vibes and be excellent to each other!

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