Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekend at a Glance: I'm slackin!

Lord knows you all are sitting there thinking "what on earth did erin do last weekend? and the one before that?? and the one before that???!" *siigh* I know, I'm a slacker. *laughing-out-loud* Well, since there were some great moments, I'd like to share. . .

*cali xmas*

Four Day Thanksgiving weekend recap: dolled up, to grandma's house we go, XOXOs, thankful, family, rufus, chick flicks, midnight Black Friday, oh yes we did, cooking, cleaning, friend-family-thankfulness, wine, new traditions, R&R

First December weekend recap: teched up, mini-schnauzer suits, dressed to impress, twenty-first birthday gurl, shots shots and more shots, nino-sitting, lovie time

Second December weekend recap: cleaning, baking, 2:30am never felt so wrong, emergencies, cookies, friends and tradition, St. Joseph's, tears and goodbyes

Just passed December weekend recap: no-work-friday, all in black, emotional exhaustion, friendly breakfast, target, spinach dip, sister-baking, xmas party, stella rose in three colors, sleeping in, movies movies and more movies, back to the grind...

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