Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goal #74: Collect 50 postcards for every state (25/50) *Part 3*

{25 down, 25 to go!}

This is Part 3, the last part, to my latest and greatest postcard update! Sadly, since it's been quite sometime since I've paid attention to this puppy. I have a few blank cards that I don't even remember who gave them to me. Which pretty much stinks! I want to give credit where credit is due, but for some of these I'm at a loss of ideas. If you see this, and you know you sent one of these, please comment!!

1. Washington | Sender: my guess is I got this one.
I travelled to Seattle for work a few times last year, and I know I snagged a few cards for my sister. Sooo, I'm thinking I snagged this one for myself. But who knows! 

2. Texas | Sender: possssibly my sister Kristin.
Kristin has been good to me, snagging me some cards while on her travels with her man. There is quite a possibility she snagged this one for me. Hmmm....

3. Mississippi | Sender: also thinking this is from Kristin.
It's just a hunch, but I'm sure she'll confirm yay or nay soon. Whoever these are from, thanks a bunch!

4. Pennsylvania | Sender: Lauren
I know who this one's from, she just didn't write anything fun on the back! Lauren is my sister Alexis' bestie, and while on her travels to the East coast, she snagged quite a few cards for the both of us! Thanks hun!

5. Washington DC | Sender: Laureeen
Here's another from little Lauren. I call her little, because she's just as small as my sister height wise, and she's a thin little thing too! By thin, I also mean fit. She's currently studying to become a personal trainer. Let me know if you're in the OC area, I'll hook you up!

6. New York | Sender: Lauren
While I do have a few NY cards, one from Brooklyn I do not. Thanks for this pretty black and white. I love it! *hugs and kisses*

So I'm half way done with this goal! Still in need of quite a few. If you're from any of my missing states, I'd love to hear from you! Or if you're traveling to any of my missing states, I'd love it if you could snag me one along the way. And if your state is taken, but you just want your card up here, send it anyways! I'm happy to share!!

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