Monday, April 30, 2012

Goal #8: Attend a live taping of a TV show

Sorry to say it's been a long time since this goal was completed and I'm finally getting around to sharing about it. These lovely ladies and I attended the live taping of...drum-roll-please...The Voice!

Photos provided by FB profiles: shans, me, shannon
It's an Erin sandwich on some Shannon bread!

Let me tell you how excited these three kats were to go to this taping - extremely! Why you ask? Because we anticipated seeing the judges' performances that day. Yes. I repeat. We were scheduled to watch the judges' performances, LIVE!

But to our broken hearts, there weren't any performances - at all. But we did get to see the hottie judges, and it was an experience. I'm glad these girls were able and willing bodies to come cross this off my list, even if it was a bust.

Now for the only photo to commemorate this experience:
Pre-show mojitos with matching dark nail colours!