Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goal #100: Go on a double date (Me, Danny, Alex & David)

This goal used to say, "Go to Disneyland (Me, Danny, Alex & David), but with ticket prices increasing and money-to-spend decreasing, we decided to revise this to a simple double date. One spontaneous Sunday I convinced this pack of awesome friends to go see Hunger Games, then my sister suggested we snag some dinner beforehand and the next thing ya know it, we realized we just planned the best DZP-double-date eva!
Never short of awesome attempts to document DZP fun.

Shout out to my sister for getting me hooked on the Hunger Games. That was the best series of non-chick-lit books I've ever read. As many of you avid-Hunger Game-readers may agree, the movie simply did not meet my expectations. *sad face* The whole movie felt rushed and underacted. I didn't feel the raw desperation that I felt so clearly throughout the books. That intense need to survive was completely lost in my opinion. I hope the rest of the movies are significantly better. I look forward to finding out.

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