Friday, September 28, 2012

Goal #7: Kiss in the rain


It looked nothing like this. Not that I'm complaining, oh nooo I am not complaining. This is how it went down...

Walking down the Vegas strip in the middle of too many people, all looking for the next bar to cool off at, drink until our hearts content and then off to the next watering hole. Suddenly there is a flash of lightening in the distance, followed by a very, very welcoming freshness in the air that brings an instant relief from the sweltering heat wave we've been enduring all day. And now, it's sprinkling.

Wait, is it sprinkling or did someone just spit on me? No, it's definitely sprinkling.

Oh my goodness, if this rain starts coming down I am so crossing this fucking goal off my list! Wait for it. Wait for it. Great, now I can't even feel the sprinkles. Dammit!! I really thought I was going to be able to do this finally.

WAIT, it's back! There's more! There's definitely MORE. D where are you?? Ok kiss me! Kiss me, right now. This is on my DZP list. Yes, I'm serious. *smooch* *smooch*

We're just about to rush into the next smoke-filled casino, gag, and now it's coming doowwwn.


*mini make out sesh*

Okay, I did it. Phew, I did it. That was awesome. Let's do it again. Oh, no more rain. All well.

So where are we going next...

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