Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thought Catalog: 7 Childhood Traditions We Should Bring Back

3. Non-explicit insults.

Some kids actually knew and used cuss words in their early years – but for those of us who didn’t possess potty mouths and listened to Will Smith’s music, we kept it clean when trading blows. Nowadays, as adults it’s common to use bad words to get our point across or win a verbal spat. Back in the day terms like stupid, idiot, stupid idiot, crybaby, doofus, etc. – were go-to insults when we were pissed ticked off. If it was time to use the heavy artillery, there were the hardcore phrases like dingleberry, butt-hole, punk, crap-head, etc. – very powerful stuff. That’s why these words need a comeback. Arguments would never escalate too far, because who really gets upset about being called a fart-knocker? Only a punk-ass b-tch would be bothered by that sh-t.
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