Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creative Weddings at a Whole New Level...

As you can probably tell by our list of blogs we can't live without... there are quite a few Wedding Blogs that are absolutely amazing, inspirational, and flat out makes me want to get married ASAP!!! These blogs, among many others, post pictures and details about real unique weddings happening all over to inspire the soon to be married brides.

This new one that's been hitting blogs all over has made a HUGE impression on the 3 of us! You have to see it (and hear it - sound please) to believe it:

I've heard of amazing reception dances, but this one tops the charts!! I don't know if I would have enough liquid courage to pull this one out to start off my ceremony! But hats off to this couple - and the wedding party - for doing a great job! Absolutely love it!

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