Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Next Century's Lemonade Stand...

Remember the days when kids set up lemonade stands to make some extra money to buy those classic ice cream sandwiches, Flintstones push pops, creamsicles and big sticks from the ice cream trucks that rolled on by during the hot summer months?

Well it seems that the new generations are being what I would call, a bit more "creative," when coming up with new ideas to make that extra cash.

For example, my "second" cousin Rus has 3 totally adorable kids with his wife Kristy (pictured below). In their quaint community in Sammamish, WA (a hop, skip and a jump away from Seattle) their family started a company called Liviana Bee Homemade (a combination of their kids names: "Livy" for Olivia, "Ana" for Eliana, and "Bee" for Berkeley).

{courtesy of my cuz's blog The Daily Biff}

What they do you might ask? They make and sell homemade treats such as.... drum roll please .... Artisan Bread, Seasonal Fruit Jam in blackberry, peach, raspberry, and strawberry flavors, ice cream during the warmer months, and cute shirts too!!

"The idea is to give the kids an opportunity to create goods that they can sell, use the proceeds of the business to re-invest into the company (e.g. buy additional supplies), pay off the blue-collar labor (Mom and Dad), and then take the surplus and put it into their pockets. Well... that's the theory anyway."

If that isn't cute enough, they have their own charming website where you can register to create a log in, order products and even select a delivery as far as 3 weeks in advance!! The prices include, the food obviously, as well as packaging and free delivery right to your door - only available to 3 surrounding zip codes of course - but do not fret, they will make special delivery arrangements to those of you outside the area.

I am completely inspired by my somewhat distant family's example. Definitely something to keep in mind for future little .pierre's.

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