Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Charts made Interesting

The business industry, and all of those industries surrounding it closely, are forced to develop charts reflecting changes of different sorts of statistical data - interest rates, income, profits, geographic coverage, you name it, its being charted. Data is a strong and reliable source of information, and rightly so, are constantly used in business meetings across the globe. Therefore, charts are needed as visual representations of all the hundreds and thousands of numbers, making meetings more efficient... yet has anyone noticed how difficult it is to find or design a visually pleasing graph that doesn't look exactly like the last one?

You've seen one, you've seen them all...

Well Ben Branagan and Gareth Holt has figured it out! Together, they produced a series of 13 charts for the traveling exhibition 'Rank': picturing the social order 1516 - 2009. The charts were created to illustrate statistical data examining the changes of social hierarchy. Imagine seeing charts like these in your next meeting:

Socio-economic classification of the working population, Spring 2002
Alphabetical socio-professional classification, updated 2008
Income distribution in the United States 1913–1997
‘Human Development Index’ 2004. Top 20 / Bottom 20
I love it when people get creative!

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