Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It seems that tattoos are a huge growing part of the American culture these years. What boggles my mind about that statement, is that there is still so much social taboo about it. Over the years I have listened to friends of mine, and myself, discuss our desires for getting a tattoo.. and it never fails to amaze me how many considerations and "tests" if you will, the decision process goes through:

1. Placement - Where do I want it? Where will it hurt the least? Where can I hide it? Where can I show it off the most?

2. Design - What design does no one else in the world have? What design defines me most? I like that one I saw on that girl/dude, but how can I make it different for, me? How big should I do it? How small can they make it? Black and white, or color?

3. Anticipated pain - How bad will it hurt here? Here? How about here?

4. Anticipated acceptance by social norms - Will my parents kill me? What about work, will they fire me? I'm not sure if my long term career choice will accept it. I like it, but will my friends like it? Will I be accepted by the church?

5. Shop - I want it done right, where should I go? I heard this place is really clean, but are the artists good? I heard of this one place that my friend's cousin's sister's daughter went to?

6. Price - I want this one, just like this, but how much will it cost? Wow, that much? Okay, what if we make it like this, how much?

Granted, I'm not mocking the process or saying to through it out - tattoos are permanent! Besides the processes to have it mostly removed, or the cover up tattoos you can go through when you get something you hate in 5 years, tattoos are with you for life. So by all means, work the process. But there's a little part of me that screams "DO IT! Who cares what people think, you like it, you love it, you want it, DO IT!" That must be the crazy, free person inside me that believes on some level I have the same spontaneity and ability to break loose as others do! I mean, I put my tattoo in the middle of my back where no one can see it unless I'm in a bathing suit! Haha..

Here are just 2 super cute tattoos that inspire me to GO FOR IT!

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