Friday, August 21, 2009

Woodstock '09 Update

Woodstock was a groovy blast! Let me tell you!
The bands were awesome and the people were great! Not your typical concert where it's common to see people fighting - literally - for a spot in the front. Here we just walked on up and shared the space with everyone. I did not witness a single fight amongst the crowd... too much love, I say. There were all kinds of walks of life.. from your everyday Joes, to the original hippies, to your costume clad Austin Powers.

The best contest for best Woodstock outfits was amazing. Some very creative people went through a lot of trouble to make sure their outfits dawned everything from peace sign necklaces, tie-dye shirts, flowered headbands and bandanas, hemp bracelets, you name it - it was there.
The venue is "smaller" than most concert arenas, but there was more than enough room for the hundreds of people who attended. Blankets and chairs covered the grass entirely, and it was the nicest, most relaxing venue EVER!
My friends & I all got airbrushed tattoos done first thing to set the day off right!

All in all, the day was AMAZING! If you didn't attend, next year will be a must!

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