Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day Fav: Animated Disney Movies

1. The Little Mermaid - my all time fav! This is my favorite Disney princess, screw Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Jasmine! This chica is the shizzzz!
2. Finding Nemo - I love this movie! It cracks me up every single time I watch it! Haha.. my nephew loves it and we have a seriously hilarious story surrounding his first time seeing this one!
3. Anastasia - This is honestly one of my favorite post-classic Disney musicals. The songs on this one are seriously great, and the humor has a more "adult" feel, which of course I like.
4. Lion King - who doesn't like The Lion King??? "I just can't wait!... to be kiiiiiingg!" Everyone loves that song! Now this is one of my favorite make-me-dance musicals. Seen this puppy on Broadway too!
5. A Goofy Movie - anyone who hasn't seen this, I feel sorry for you! This is classic comedy, great dance features, and a feel-good family movie. I miss this one.
And that sums up my Hump Day Fav! Maybe next week I'll do the non-animated Disney favs. Hmmmmm.... something to think about.

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