Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Samsung Scavenger Hunt

Have you seen these new, seriously pretty awesome cameras? Having that nifty little screen in the front solves all failed attempts at taking your own picture. I have a feeling we may start seeing some waayyyy better Facebook and MySpace pictures from now on.. *snickering laugh* You all know its true!
Anyways, to go along with this uber cool camera - there's a scavenger hunt going on for a brand new Samsung DualView digital camera (pictured above).
Just saw it on DailyCandy, all you have to do is choose 3 of the 5 items specified, make sure you get a clear snap shot of each, email them to and hope your email is drawn! The topics are as follows:
- An item that resembles a letter of the alphabet
- An item that means happiness to you
- Your most romantic local spot
- Your favorite brunch spot
- Your favorite party spot
Go here for official rules and get out there and take some creative photos! Good Luck!

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