Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Greater in combat than the person who conquers a thousand times a thousand people is the person who conquers himself.
- The Buddha

If we can't stop the battles in our minds, how can we expect to stop the battles in the world? We need to begin with ourselves and first understand our own personal conflicts.
Are we at war with our food, our weight, drugs, or alcohol? Do we spend more than we can afford? Are we going back and forth between should I and shouldn't I? Do we struggle with fear versus faith, selfishness versus generosity, and so forth? It is helpful to observe whatever it is with which we struggle. This is no different from the struggle between two people, two families, two communities, or two nations. As we become willing to resolve our own inner struggles, outside issues often resolve themselves. Each time we are willing to look at our own issues, we come to a greater understanding of the conflicts others face.
We can begin to learn to stop our own wars before
attempting to stop the wars of the world.
Today I am willing to watch my own inner battlefield
with compassion, praying for the understanding and
resolution of the conflict so I can find peace.

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