Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 100th Post!!

Yay, I can't believe the 100th post came so fast!
I went through all of the posts and picked my favorites to highlight, enjoy.

#1 Ad: Checkmate

Audi vs. BMW

Agency: Juggernaut, Santa Monica, USA

Runner up: Rainbow by PANTONE

#1 YouTube: Wedding Entrance

Creative Weddings at a Whole new Level...

I've heard of amazing reception dances, but this one tops the charts!! I don't know if I would have enough liquid courage to pull this one out to start off my ceremony! But hats off to this couple - and the wedding party - for doing a great job! Absolutely love it!

Runners up: Marriage Proposal - at it's best & Dane Cook tells it like it is..

#1 Etsy Shop: Wayside Violet

Coffee Drinkers say hello to the cutest coffee accessory since personalized mugs! Wayside Violet (another amazing Etsy shop) sells these hand knitted cozies for both your standard mugs and those to-go cups we often have from our local shops. The cable stitching and these amazing bows make my day!
Now, not only can you show off your fashionable side, but you can show your eco-friendly ideals and replace those paper sleeves!

Runners up: Old Soul, New Heart & Cut & Paste Print

Cheers to the next 100 posts!

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