Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, Here I Come!

Now that 2010 is finally here, I have chosen my resolutions/goals/missions - whatever you want to call them.
So here they are:
- Simplify my life. Couldn't get any broader, I know. What I mean is basically getting and staying organized everywhere in my life. Letting go of the unnecessary and holding on to the essentials. Become stable in all areas of my life.
- Be healthy. This last year was a pretty challenging year. I graduated, went through extreme ups and downs in my relationships with family and friends, been on the hunt for a job in my field... and amongst all the hustle and bustle I simply stopped looking out for myself and lost my good habits of eating well and working out.
- Switch from alcohol to water. I'm not saying I won't be drinking this year - just not often, and I will be making certain I drink more water. Water is clean and fresh and makes me feel so balanced.
- Strengthen my relationships. This year I want to make more time for all of my friendships, so they can continue to grow. I'd love for all of them to come closer together this year. Just committing to making the time - it's that simple.
- Have some adventures. There are so many places I've been wanting to visit, day trips I'd love to take, restaurants I want to try, things I want to experience. This year, I'm going to make them happen.
- Complete a scrapbook. I've started so many scrapbooks, and either never finish them, or when I'm nearing the end I just kind of slack off and then I'm not proud with the final product. This year, I want to complete one wholeheartedly.
- Finish my cookbook. My friend Amy and I started compiling recipes we love to use, and can't wait to try. I really want for us to get that going, and maybe even grow it beyond our palettes.
- Grow this blog. I love blogging. It hasn't even been a year yet, but I've decided I love it and would find it very satisfying to have it become much more over the next year.

me luck! It's a long list *giggles* Here's to a fabulous 2010! Cheers *clink*

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