Thursday, February 11, 2010

Umm, hello!

Why on earth was I not at the ellen show during this taping? *sad sad face* Lucky ellen got a mini lap dance from sultry Channing Tatum - who not only backed it up, he divulged his days of stripping for very lucky women with dollar bills. Not only did he dance, he hugged and kissed SEVEN women in the audience! Shoot, I would have gotten out of my seat and ran straight over to volunteer for a hug!!
I found out about this episode, which aired yesterday, just after me and the JGA girls watched Dear John (which was sooooo goooood by the way!). The only bad part of his interview was his poor hairstyle. His hair was so cute in the movie, he should have kept that style up. I suggest to you all to both check out the youtube video, and Dear John as soon as you can!

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