Friday, March 12, 2010

My Day Zero Project has begun!

A fellow CSUF student and AAF member Diana has inspired me to start a new project... a Day Zero Project!  What you do is set 101 goals to complete in 1001 days.  After seeing her list and all the things she's already completed I was instantly psyched to begin.  I just finished my list today and can't wait to start crossing things off!  And as I do begin crossing things off, I've decided to share my experiences with you - maybe inspire you to do the same.  Check out my list below, maybe there's some things you too would love to do within the next 1001 days...
  1. Buy something from Etsy
  2. See a drive-in movie
  3. Make a custom recipe book
  4. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
  5. Find out my blood type
  6. Go horseback riding
  7. Kiss in the rain
  8. Attend a live taping of a TV show
  9. Get a facial
  10. Learn how to salsa
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Get a tattoo
  13. Make snow angels
  14. Grow out my hair
  15. Take a cake decorating class
  16. Buy a lottery ticket
  17. Put away $10 for every goal completed
  18. Take a hot air balloon ride
  19. Go to the opera
  20. Visit Washington D.C.
  21. Take a First Aid course
  22. Get my teeth whitened
  23. Get a full time job
  24. Visit a butterfly garden
  25. Get a passport
  26. Become CPR certified
  27. Grow an herb garden
  28. Eat sushi
  29. Move out
  30. Go to the midnight premiere of a movie
  31. Get a bikini wax
  32. Become debt free
  33. Open a savings account
  34. Stay at a B&B
  35. Start a holiday tradition
  36. Jump into a body of water fully clothed
  37. Learn to drive a motorcycle
  38. Go to a Laker game
  39. Improve my posture
  40. Read 10 new books (0/10)
  41. Reach my goal weight
  42. Sew a quilt
  43. Be in two places at once
  44. Buy a new pair of sunglasses
  45. Try lobster
  46. Plant a tree
  47. Have a snowball fight
  48. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (0/26)
  49. Kiss under the mistletoe
  50. Attend a masquerade party
  51. Go to the Griffith Observatory
  52. Take a road trip to the Grand Canyon with my man
  53. Volunteer for different organizations (0/10)
  54. Eat at Pink's Hot Dogs
  55. Revisit San Francisco
  56. Have a girls trip to Las Vegas
  57. Visit Hearst Castle
  58. Design & print official business cards through an official printer
  59. Finally send Madalyn her photo book
  60. Go to a zoo I've never been before
  61. Learn how to screen print
  62. Design a set of greeting cards (0/10)
  63. Visit a lighthouse with my mom
  64. Have a spa day with my mom and sister
  65. Find a ceramic class to take
  66. Forgive someone (and forget)
  67. Visit my Grandmother's grave
  68. Send a card/letter to my dad once a month (0/25)
  69. Have a picnic date (0/5)
  70. Take a trip through wine country
  71. Reach 1001 posts on my blog
  72. Get a gym pass
  73. Take a Bar Method class
  74. Collect 50 postcards for every state (0/50)
  75. Find a personally inspirational quote & work it into a piece of art/home decor
  76. Take the train somewhere fun with my man
  77. Swing on a tire swing
  78. Paint a set of 3 pictures to hang together
  79. Play a round of bar golf
  80. Spend a whole weekend without using the computer (or browser on my phone)
  81. Have a psychic reading
  82. Acquire all the Sex and the City season DVDs (0/6)
  83. Own my car
  84. Visit a chiropractor
  85. Buy a new retainer
  86. Buy a rain coat
  87. Set up an Etsy shop of my own
  88. Take Kobe to the dog park (0/25)
  89. Spend the night at a cabin
  90. Do the tambourine dance ON STAGE
  91. Take pictures in a photo booth (0/5)
  92. Take a romantic weekend trip
  93. Go fishing and bait my own line
  94. Go snowboarding with my man
  95. Camp, ride and party at Pismo Beach
  96. Eat at Arturo's Puffy Taco
  97. Go camping and riding in the dessert
  98. Accept a Dare, "I dare you to..."
  99. Complete five 5k races (0/5)
  100. Go to Disneyland (Me, Danny, Alex & David)
  101. Party on a yacht
Make your list now... I dare you!


  1. this is a great project and a great list, Erin!

  2. Thanks chica!! Hop on the train and make one! I knew you would love it ;)

  3. Thank you!! I encourage you to start one, it changes the way you make plans, and the way you spend your days...