Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hump Day Fave: Getting Fit Tools

I'm in the process of getting fit.  It's been something I've been yo-yoing, like most people.  But recently I've been dedicated to creating a healthy lifestyle for myself, both actively and culinary wise.  So here are my fave things to do while trying to get fit:

Wii Fit - Body Test, it keeps me accountable.  I check in with it as often as possible and complete my full body test that evaluates my weight, balance, posture, BMI, body control, Wii Fit age and most importantly keeps track of my progress.  If I fluctuate too much in the wrong direction, I have to give a reason why I fell off the wagon.  Great form of accountability.
PiYo workout class with Taryn Talbot over at 24 hour fitness.  It's a mixture of pilates and yoga, and it kicks your ass!  Not only do you get the benefits from the yoga poses, but you also get the heart pumping workout from the pilates exercises.  It is honestly the best class ever!  My goal is to be able to conquer both the chaturanga yoga pose, as well as the upward dog pose above with my legs completely off the ground!
Water, lots and lots of water.  Since I gave up carbonated drinks for lent, water has been my go-to drink of choice... besides the fact that I have to go to the bathroom hundreds of times throughout the day, I like the way it makes me feel.  With carbonated drinks I feel bloated and full, with water I get full, but I'm satisfied and feel healthy.
The Plank, while right now I've been struggling with this pose - it has always been my favorite.  It's a great ab workout, and you can throw in a few exchanges or hold it for longer time periods to make it more difficult.  This is definitely an awesome workout.
Whole grain bread + Mustard + Turkey + Spinach + Avocado + Sliced Roma Tomatoes = Best Homemade Sandwich - EVER!  Besides the lean microwaveable meals I eat for lunch, homemade food is becoming a normal thing for dinner.  This is a quick, delicious meal I do when I'm in a rush. LOVE!

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