Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am just now starting to work on a big goal from my DZP list: Goal#74 collect 50 postcards for every state (0/50).  (I just realized that sentence was not worded very nicely, it sounds like "collect 50 for every state" which would be 2,500, rather than "collect 1 postcard for every state" a more accurate 50 total.  Well, you know what I mean now).  As I was starting this goal, I did the obvious by reaching out to some of my family and traveling friends... and decided that as I start receiving them I can start covering my fun map with some lime colored states (take that Verizon and AT&T!), and maybe scan some in to share...

THEN I realized it would be so awesome to get some from some of my followers!!  So that's what I'm doing now!!  Anyone out there who would love to contribute to my DZP list, please mail me some fun postcards from your home state, or from any hot spots you might be traveling this summer!  Include a fun note, joke, quote, whatever comes to mind and I will fill in your home state and share your card with everyone else!

To find my address click here, or on my .day zero project. tab up above! 
Yayy, I'm excited!

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