Friday, July 2, 2010

The Crane Chandelier Project

My mom forwarded me a link to peruse some eco-friendly wedding ideas (not that I'm engaged or anything) and I came across this Crane Chandelier Project by The Wedding Co.  They have begun a challenge of building a chandelier from thousands of origami cranes, all of which are coming from engaged couples around the world, to help fund cancer research.  For ever crane they receive, they are donating 5 cents to The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.  The ultimate goal is to collect 10,000 of these tokens of love by January 2011 when The Wedding Co. will celebrate its 10th anniversary.
Being that cranes are marked by a symbol of peace, prosperity and friendship - it is fitting that engaged couples are representing their leap of love, commitment and patience by donating signed cranes to this great research.  I love that they give the option to have a crane sent to you, or you can submit your own - which some couples have submitted hundreds, even 1000 cranes in their name.  Don't know how to make one?  They have that covered:

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