Friday, July 2, 2010

Name That Frame!

Check these babies out!  A fabulous personalized gift idea to give your sweetheart for an anniversary, just submit your names and they will custom cut-out an outline of your names joined by a heart on a white mat board, which is set under a plastic over-lay, encased within their beautiful black wood wall frame - all that is included for less than $40!  Simply select your favorite photos to be featured behind the white mat board and voila!  (And if you're like me and want to double check, yes - you do the photos yourself, so they're interchangeable over time!)  If that isn't fabulous enough, the best part is that they let you preview the final product before purchasing:
This would even be a great birthday gift for a parent, grandmother, or even close friend.  Get one of you and your best friend's names joined by a heart as a gift of friendship, or you and your sibling's names joined by a heart as a gift for your mother or grandmother.  This gift idea has a lot of room for potential recipients.

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