Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Legs With Attitude

Hey, with leggings we can wear our skirts and dresses as short as we want to can't we?  We're still covered up!  But that doesn't mean statements aren't being made with how high those skirts get hiked up, and this fun latin shop has designed some leggings with a ruler of attitudes so you can make sure everyone knows too!
Here's a free translation...
Recatada - Demure / Reserved
Discreta - Discreet
Subtil - Subtle
Coqueta - Playful / Flirt
Sensual - Sensual,
Caprichosa - Impulsive
Seductora - Seductive
Provocadora - Provocative
Atrevida - Daring / Dare Devil
Descarada - Passionate
Peligrosa  - Cheeky
Guerrera - Dangerous
Last but not least, Femme Fatal

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