Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hump Day Fav: mark.

My favorite make up right now is for sure mark.

Not only do they have amazing deals but Lauren Conrad is also a representative for mark. and I have always idolized her ever since Laguna Beach. I love her fun but casual style, and her skin and look always looks flawless, who wouldn't want that!!

To add to that, for any Twihard fans, Ashley Greene is a new representative for mark. and you get her look from the Jay Leno show. She also is a natural beauty and has a lot of good tips on how exactly to capture her look.

Here are a few of Lauren's Faves that I have purchased and fell in love with...

mark Face Xpert Flawless Touch Makeup
I do not leave the house without this. It is amazing and really gives a flawless look. This is great because it is a very light coverage which helps a lot during this extreme heat! It doesn't sweat off and really lasts all day long.
How I use it: I dab a few splotches of this onto my forehead, a few on my cheek bones and around my eyes, and one on my nose and chin. Using the mark Foundation Brush I blend the foundation in all over my face and around my eyes and hair line for a complete look.

mark Get Bright Hook Up Highlighter
I fell in love with this after seeing it on mark. and reading the previous customers who were very happy with this product. Ever feel like the dark circles under your eyes drag your look down? Well this is a big fixer of that!! I use it every day, even if I don't need it, because it brightens up my face enough that I'm comfortable with no other make up on. It can actually be used all over your face: eyes, cheekbones, or brow bones.
How I use it: I use this under my eyes only, not for any particular reason, I just haven't had the need for it elsewhere.. yet. LOL. I take the wand and brush this underneath my eyes and on the inside of my eyes. I again use the mark Foundation Brush and blend it up under my eyes, around the inside and up onto my lid. It gets the vains to disappear while also bringing light all over!

mark Go With The Pro Mini Brush Kit
This is a newbie that the site has. I have all these brushes, but when I bought them they weren't in this fun pack. This is the cheap way to go to get everything you want. There is a powder brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush, and lip color brush all for only $15. AND you get this fun little bag to store them in.
How I use these: The powder brush I use for my loose foundation on days where I feel I need a little extra coverage, I use a generic foundation with this for an extra layer. The concealer brush I use ALL the time with the two products mentioned above. The eyeliner brush I haven't mastered.. I'll get back to you on that! The eyeshadow brush is pretty basic but gives a very smooth finish to any look - especially when using the bolder colors. And finally the lip color brush is easy to use right before I go out to get the perfect amount!

mark Salon Straight No-Iron Smoothing Fluid With Invigorating Orange
This is BRAND NEW to me and I cannot wait to use it! It is a light liquid that is supposed to substitute a flat iron. I hate using a flat iron every morning and many days I'm lazy and never actually finish my hair. It's usually wet underneath when I leave and evenutally gets gross. I'm hoping that this will fix that problem and I am able to blend this in and walk out the door! We'll have to see...

This is "A Gift that gives back". By purchasing this necklace or the matching bracelet you'll be donating to a great cause. These pieces of jewelry features Lauren’s signature "faves" heart on one side and the m.powerment by mark.** emblem on the other. This is all for a campaign that is commited to break the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence. By buying this you have a new gem for your accessories as well as putting a few bucks towards a huge issue. m.powerment has more information on this.

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  1. shutupshannybearJuly 21, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    How do you like the Get Bright Hook Up Highlighter versus the Benefit Erase Paste that we use? Is it a comparable product or something different altogether? Also cant wait to hear how the Salon Straight works?... Better yet i wanna see how it works!