Friday, July 16, 2010

NYC Garbage Art

Here's where package design proves it's worth in the world.  A fabulous package design can sell anything, even trash and Justin Gignac (jee-nak) proves just that.  Oh, and he thanks the NYC population for littering...
What I find even more amazing, is that these little cubes that started off as a mission to prove the gold that lies in package design, they were selling at $10 a piece.  But now that they have become art pieces - carefully arranged plastic cubes full of the stuff, certified never to leak or smell, each one signed, numbered, and dated, brings them up to $50 - and they continue to sell like hotcakes.  His friends must be kicking themselves.

PLUS, as a true artist Justin expanded his creative path into creating special edition cubes.  A brilliant idea considering the events that are constantly held in The Big Apple.  Some past editions have included Opening Day at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, New Year’s Eve in Times Square and Obama’s Inauguration - each one selling for $100.  Smart thinking Justin!
Want your own cube?  Buy it here.  Want to see more of Justin's work?  Check it out here.

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