Thursday, August 12, 2010

DZP Update

With all of my friends and fam starting their DZP lists and getting things done, I've been contemplating my progress on my own list.  Since I've been feeling as though I haven't been getting things done, I took a moment to evaluate my list... and lookie there!  I have a mere 12 goals completed, but SIXTEEN in progress!  These progress goals are making me feel somewhat unproductive.  So, just for my own peace of mind, I've broken down my in-progress goals, as well as my own commentary, to stop my unproductive feelings:

14. Grow out my hair
I am someone who gets bored with my hair very easily, and even today at my hair appointment I acknowledged the fact there will be no chopping of the hair until the end of this!
17. Put away $10 for every goal completed ($120/$1,010)
This one will be in progress until the end.
23. Get a full time job
I have been making a serious effort to find a very permanent home somewhere, hopefully things will pan out soon.
25. Get a passport
The paperwork is done, and now the prices have been raised... I will be waiting a few months to actually process this one.
36. Move out
I've been making serious effort on lowering my debt, saving money and as soon as #23 is complete, this will be too. 
31. Get a bikini wax
I'm not in actual "progress" on this one (if you know what I mean), but an appointment has been made so I think that calls for progress.
32. Become debt free
Every month, this is in progress.
39. Improve my posture
This has definitely been improved and will shortly be crossed off, just wait and see!
40. Read 10 new books (6/10)
I will be bringing a book to Laughlin to read pool side and on the drive up and back.
41. Reach my goal weight
Every day this is in progress, slowly but surely is my motto.
65. Find a ceramic class to take
I've found some facilities, just haven't made the plans.
68. Send a card/letter to my dad once a month (3/25)
This will be through to the end as well.
71. Reach 1001 posts on my blog
As of today, with this post, I'm at 764 with only 237 to go.
74. Collect 50 postcards for every state (10/50)
With the help of all of YOU, this has come along great!
82. Acquire all the Sex and the City season DVDs (3/6)
Just waiting for the sales...
91. Take pictures in a photo booth (4/5)
One last one to go.  Unless I find a photo booth somewhere I've never been before, this might take all the way until next summer to be complete.
See, I'm not doing so bad... I feel better.

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  1. dude, i did that too, and i have a lot of things "in progress" as well so it's really not that bad ;)