Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Love's Birthday!

Yes, my man's birthday is today, he is a grand-spanking 26 year-old man now!!  And I love him to pieces.  He's not going to be too proud of this picture up here from the fair, but I love it!  This is the man I know and love, such a QT.  I've been celebrating birthdays with him since 2003, he was 19!  And tonight we're having dinner with the fam, then drinks tomorrow and we're taking off to Laughlin on Sunday for a combined celebration of his birthday and our up-and-coming anniversary, its going to be great!
I'm about to drag him on a ride here, the last time we did a fair ride we almost died - can you see the fear in our eyes... *giggles*  Babe - Happy Birthday!  I hope you have a fabulous day.  Here's to another 7 birthdays together... More than ever, I'm glad you were born.  Love you!

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