Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Orange International Street Fair

Every Labor Day weekend for the past three decades, the Orange International Street Fair is going down in the downtown Orange Circle.  This is the event to experience a wide variety of food, music and dance from cultures and ethnicities throughout the world.  Even better, what I didn't know, is that the entire event is put on to benefit non-profit charities that help people in our community. 

So why have I never been?  I don't know.  But I'm definitely going this year with my man and our good friends Toni, Rich and maybe a few others..? We will see.  After taking a look at all the street participants and the different cultural foods and entertainment they're bringing - we couldn't be more excited!  Here's the line up of food items each organization is bringing for your taste buds...


All American | Diocese Of Orange | Wine, Margaritas
All American | Villa Park High School Girls’ Basketball | Beer
All American | El Modena High School Softball | Chicken Wings
All American | Orange North Rotary Club | Roasted Corn
All American | St. Paul’s Lutheran Church | BBQ Beef Sandwiches, Hot Dogs
All American | Fairhaven PTA | Cookies
All American | Job’s Daughters | Donuts and Corn Dogs
All American | Int. Order of Rainbow Girls | Funnel Cakes
All American | El Bekal Shrine | Beer
All American | Orange Rotary Club | Kettle Korn
All American | Girl Scout Troop 1475 | Snow Cones, Cotton Candy
All American | El Modena High School Wrestling | BBQ Corn-on-the-cob
All American | Assisteens of Orange | Dippin’ Dots, Root Beer Floats
All American | Central Orange Girls’ Softball | Indian Fried Bread (Native American Tacos)
All American | Orange Junior Chamber of Commerce | Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
All American | Orange High School Vocal Music | Hamburgers, Cotton Candy
All American | Canyon High School Education Foundation | Phlly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Asian | Tustin High School Baseball | Teriyaki Skewers, Rice, Shrimp Rolls
Asian | Casa Teresa | Beer
Asian | Wat Lao Buddhasamakhee | BBQ Beef & Chicken, Fried Rice & Noodles, Shrimp Tempura, Eggrolls
Australian | YMCA of Orange | Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Pickles, Australian Ice
Australian | Orange County High School of the Arts | Aussie Ice Cream, Broasted Potato wedges and chicken
Danish | Danish American Club | Danish Pastries, Beer
Danish | Rebuild National Park Society | Danish Donuts, Fruit Jams
Danish | Orange Host Lion Club | Sausage Sandwiches
Dutch | United Netherlands Organization | French Fries, Dutch Pastries, Beer
English | Orange Elks Lodge 1475 | Fish and Chips, Beer
German | Knights of Columbus | Beer
German | Lutheran High School | Bratwurst, Sauerkraut
Ginza | Orange County Kodokan Judo Foundation | Beer
Ginza | Orange Coast Gakuen | Edamame, Beef Teriyaki Sticks, Rice, Candy, Corn
Ginza | Long Beach Japanese Language Booster Assn. | California Rolls, Oinari Sushi, Shaved Ice (Japanese Flavors)
Greek | Saint John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church | Souvlaka Sandwiches, Gyros Sandwiches, Greek Pastries, Calamari, Loukoumathes
Irish | La Purismia Catholic School | Irish Bangers Sausage, Irish Breakfast Burritos
Irish | Old Town Preservation | Beer
Italian | Sons of Italy Renaissance Lodge | Sausage and Meat Ball sandwiches, Pizza, Fried bread, Pasta, Cookies and Italian Ice
Mexican | El Modena Tennis and Cross Country | Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Nachos, Taquitos, Chimichangas, Churros Raspados
Mexican | Apostolic Church of Orange | Carne Asada Tacos, Quesadillas, Tamales, Sopes, Burritos
Mexican | Friendly Center | Tacos, Ceviche, Nachos, Quesadillas, Churros, Horchata
Norwegian | Sons of Norway | Rosettes (Cookies), Beer
Polynesian | Orange Youth Sports | Pork Sliders, Frozen Fruit Bars, Watermelon Slices, Beer
Swiss | Izaak Walton League | Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Spicy Swiss Sausage, Lemonade, Beer

Ok my OC friends, I'll see you there?  Here are the details:
Friday Sept. 3rd, 5pm - 10pm
Saturday Sept. 4th, 10am - 10pm
Sunday Sept. 5th, 10a - 10pm


  1. how have you never been? i go get my grub on every year. i'll be there Sunday afternoon for sure. but lemme know when you're there cuz you never know, i might be around. :)

  2. I know right?.. I guess I've been deprived all these years haha. I will def let you know when we head over there :)