Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goal #39: Improve my posture

I was trying to decide how to deduce whether or not I would know when I've completed this goal, and then realized that every time I check in with my Wii it keeps track of your center of balance (COB) - which is a direct example of your posture!  And here are my results:
Now... you see that red dot?  That dot, stays perfectly in place the entire duration of my "test". 
Now... you see how my COB says it's slightly to the right.  Why that is you might ask?  Because I have one plate and six screws in my right ankle making me FOREVER, slightly to the right
To even further affirm my new and improved posture... I looked to my yoga poses which have shown incredible improvements on every single one - all showing 90pts or above for fabulous COB.
And if that isn't enough!  I've recently been told that I maintain great presence in my stance and stand very confidently (aka, straight) and that I have very good posture!  Woo-hoo! COMPLETE!

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