Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yayy 800th Post!

Can you believe it?  I know right!  To celebrate this hundredth mark, I thought I'd share 8 thinks you probably don't know about me...

1. I was born in Utah (and no I'm not a Mormon - no offense - but I get that a lot.)

That's right, I was born in Salt Lake City, UT and did not live there long enough to realize it.

2. At sixteen I shattered my ankle skateboarding leaving me with 2 scars, 2 plates and 13 screws.  Of the original plates and screws, I had a second surgery to remove a few and today I have 1 plate and 6 screws, which will more than likely be there for life.

How did it happen?  I dropped in on a 7 foot ramp that was to launch me into a foam pit - and lets just say, I didn't make it to the other end.  Think of this, you know how when you're laying down and you look towards your feet and you see both of 'em pointing straight up?  Well, one was straight, the other was 90 degrees snapped in the wrong direction!

This whole experience has quite a few stories intertwined into it, from: waiting for the fire fighters to get me out of the bowl, waiting for a surgeon to step up to the plate and fix me, setting my ankle back in place (that one makes me sick every time my dad tells it), fainting on day 2 in the hospital, getting my first cast... the list goes on!  Those 5 seconds of stupidity has cost me years of stories (some funny, most not) and quite a few regrets. 

3. I have 1 sister, 1 half-sister, 1 half-brother, 3 step-sisters and 1 step-brother.

As a result from divorce and remarriage, my family has grown, tremendously.

Kristin (half-sis), Alex (sis-sis), Danielle (step-sis)

James (half-brother)

Candice & Angela (step-sisters)

Chris (step-brother)

4. I have 5 nieces, 3 nephews and 1 in the oven that has yet to be determined.

Traejun & Malachai (twins), {graduate}, Danielle, Alexandria


Katherine & Julia (twins)


Bun in the Oven - Yet to be Determined!

5. I have a tattoo!

It's on the small of my back, making it not a tramp stamp!  Which is why not very many people know it exists. And yes, I'm freckly.

6. My babysitter broke my arm when I was a little girl.  True story.

I was laying in my crib, one of my precious little arms was hanging out through the bars, she went to pick me up (the wrong way), and SNAP!  Needless to say, she didn't babysit me after that.

Not me pictured, but it will do since I can't find my cute picture of me.

7. I've been told I resemble Drew Barrymore.

Most of you are probably saying Say Whaat? (me too) and maybe some are saying Okay, I see it (I really don't).  But the funny part about this, is that when my sisters and I were young we used to play Charlies Angels, and I always played Miss Drew.  I have always loved her as an actress, but being that she was kind of butchy in Charlies Angels, I always resented it!  But nowadays, when someone tells me that, I quite like it! 

8. I'm officially starting a 100 Snapshot Challenge
I've decided to start the 100 Snapshot Challenge with my MyTouch camera as the source.  It's the only camera I have with a flash, so it's going to be the official means to my challenge.  This is going to be fun considering I've been using my camera on my phone so much more lately.

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