Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hump Day Fave: Creative Decor Finds

I've always imagined that when I have my own little abode to call my own that I would have all these creative decor finds scattered around my house.  You know, the kinds of regular things that people have, but with a spin that makes people notice them, creates a conversation... those kinds of things.   I'm really big on not having the same 'ol thing, I'm not anti-tradition, but at the same time I like to be creative and stand out.  So here are some fun decor finds that I think would be awesome to have...
Teacup Hook - Every home has hooks somewhere - kitchen for pot holders and towels, the entryway for keys and coats, the bathroom for hand towels, bedrooms for purses, necklaces - you get the picture.  I think this would be great for even half of those functions.  I would absolutely use this for the entryway for keys and spare change, or the bedroom for necklaces, earrings or spare anything, the kitchen for potholders and how about growing some herbs in that teacup?  Love this.

Bottle Opener - Every party needs a bottle opener handy, and it always sucks when you don't.  I've shared this before, and I still stand by wanting this convenient little puppy really bad.

Outdoor Plants - I've always imagined having a uniquely landscaped backyard, no matter how big or small that space would be.  And these simple vessels are exactly what I would want to add a unique, yet simple and sleek look to hang greenery, flowers, herbs, even cacti to give a fun look.

Indoor Flowers - Fresh flowers inside always adds a fresh touch to any home.  I love having them, I enjoy seeing other friend's homes with them, and I think these little laboratory style vases would be a simple touch to add a few simple flowers just to bring some freshness to a space.
A welcome sign - I want people to feel warm and welcomed into my home.  So a framed poster like this would be perfect to hang near the entryway.  Right now I'm loving this yellow, but she also has it available in red, green, pink, grey and blue.

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  1. love that welcome sign. good find.