Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Put your appreciation into action by taking time to show your appreciation.  Tell one or more people something you appreciate about them.  Remember, what you put out comes back.

- Doc Childre and Sara Paddison

"We all want to be valued and appreciated.  Knowing how good we feel when someone appreciates us, we can feel that way again when we give someone else the same gift.
"It is so easy to change a bad mood to a good mood just by showing how much we appreciate someone.  Showing our appreciation can also mend a relationship with someone with whom we are having difficulty.  Or it can open the door to a deeper connection with someone in the future.
"Each person we touch with our appreciation will be in a better mood too, at least for that moment.  The better mood is usually contagious, so others receive the benefit of it in a chain of interconnectedness.

"Today I will show my appreciation to at least one other person, enjoying the knowledge that as I do this, positive energy is flowing out into the world and back to me."

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