Monday, September 13, 2010


Peace of mind is that mental condition in which you have accepted the worst.

- Lin Yu-t'ang

"Accepting the worst' might be the last advice you'd be willing to heed, but it holds the key to maintaining a peaceful presence in the face of life's greatest challenges.  Really, what is 'the worst?'  Our ego needs the world to show up in a certain way to feel safe and in control.  But life's most difficult events - sickness, death, and so on - are often beyond our control.  We may have played a part in their creation, but when they arise all we can do is see that God is present and allow our souls to grow from the lessons they hold.
"To understand there is only One Presence in the universe is to see God in all creation, even the things that we don't understand or that frighten us.  To understand that we are a part of that Presence is to recognize that, regardless of what happens in the physical world, our spiritual essence is untouchable.  Only when we cease struggling and accept what is, can we access the latent spiritual power within and begin to see the blessings that hide within life's challenges.  Then, even the 'worst,' we can transform everything into an opportunity for our souls to grow, and we can say with surety, 'All things contribute to the calm peace of my soul."
Submitted by Rev. Steve Carty Cordry, Unity minister

All things contribute to the calm peace of my soul.

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