Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goal #40: Read 10 new books (10/10)

The girls and I have started this hand-off of great books that we've all enjoyed, and this one came from Madalyn, which had made its way through some women in her family on to me.  My sister and I got hooked on Emily Giffin's writing years ago when her books Something Borrowed and Something Blue came out.  After finishing those in a heartbeat, for some reason I choose not to continue with her series - even though I had been recommending her books every time the topic came up!  So when I heard Madalyn got her hands on Baby Proof, I finally decided why not!  I know it's going to be fabulous.  And it was!  Now it will be off into the hands of Shans for another enjoyable read.

Here are just a few quotes that I really enjoyed:

When I meet someone I like being with more than I like being alone, I'll marry her.

Besides, what are friends for, Claudia - if they can't pick up the pieces a man has left behind?

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  1. I'm in the middle of reading this. Then I got prego and started reading all the baby-books instead... but so far it's a good read! :)