Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goal #40: Read 10 new books

I can't believe 10 books have come and gone so quickly.  Before I made this goal, I think I probably read  one, maybe two books in an entire year.  Which is pretty ridiculous for a woman my age, but between school books, homework and work - reading was the last vice I turned to during a lull moment.  Nowadays reading a book amongst the silence, or in a loud waiting room, coffee shop, where ever I may be waiting, reading has become my new escape.  Here is a recap of my 10 book journey:
The reading will not stop now, in fact I have a few books lined up in my queue (not entirely in this order):
  • Shopaholic takes Manhattan, Sophia Kinsella
  • The Heart of the Matter, Emily Giffin
  • Love the one You're With, Emily Giffin
  • Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Sophia Kinsella
I'm also looking into a lot of Nicholas Sparks reads.  I know, very girlie, but until I find another author that sparks my fancy I may just be focusing on my trifecta - Emily Giffin, Nicholas Sparks and Sophia Kinsella.


  1. Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors! I should check out some of those Emily Giffin books. I've also been wanting to read the Chelsea Handler books too.

  2. Ohh, well if you have any suggestions for any of Chuck's books, send them my way!