Monday, May 23, 2011

Goal #99: Complete five 5k races (4/5)

My sister and I have been teaming up to knock this goal down! Here is a snapshot of the last three races we participated in:
Walk for Wishes
To start our Sister-Saturday off with a bang! We hit up the Walk for Wishes at the Irvine Great Park. It was technically a 2 mile track, but we made sure to make up for the rest of the 5k during our day - so it counts in our book! We were some of the very first people to even cross the "water line"...
And my Easy Tones and I were ready for a great walk!
Too bad my sister didn't have an entirely great time... a little bee decided to pay her a visit within the first 5 minutes! But she was such a trooper and waited the length of the walk to get some medical attention, and a cute fire fighter hat:

 Great Strides
Say hello to another Sister-Saturday which we again, started off with a fabulous 5k in Yorba Linda. This walk was especially close to my sister. Her master teacher has children with cystic fibrosis and is very involved with finding a cure.  So of course, we walked in representation of Team Montelone and we had a great time, for a great cause! 
A great cause with a seriously awesome shirt:

Sister time!
My Easy Tones again, ready to walk the cause:

Blind Children's Learning Center
Not gonna lie, this was a tough morning to get going... here are our pasted smiles!

Another 5k Saturday under my belt! JGA sponsored the BCLC 5k and invited us to join in on the fun. It was a great time hanging out with my JGA peeps and my sister - aka 5k-partner-in-crime!
These EasyTones were made for walkin'...
...and that's just what they'll do!

One more 5k and this goal is dusted!

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