Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Love Long Beach & Patchwork

Can't you tell?! Last year just four pretty ladies headed to Patchwork in Long Beach for the first time, and this year we've started a tradition and expanded to six adorable ladies. While it was hot-cold-hot-cold, we had a great time! There were wayy more vendors than last year, and with the fresh sky after the rain - hands down a gorgeous day.

And in true tradition, we all took a FREE photo by Martin Franco Vielma. I genuinely loved spending time with each of these ladies you see here (clockwise from top left): Shannybear, Momma Shannon, Kristyn with a Y I'm gonna start calling her K-Dub, ME!, Shanna Dear, Sister Alex.
Visit We Love Long Beach's Facebook page to hear more about their events like Patchwork, and click here to see the rest of the fun patchwork photos!

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