Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goal #51: Visit the Griffith Observatory

This is a place I've been dieing to go to for so long, and I finally just made it happen! It was an adventure all in itself, let me recap in both photo format and via the written word:

There was the laughter-filled car ride to L.A.,
the hike up the aaamazingly steep hill (when we totally could have parked at the top),
finally seeing the Hollywood sign after all. these. years.,
checking out the impressively large estates surrounding the area,
watching the huge foucault pendulum,
failing at finding my zodiac sign on the ceiling,
watching the tesla coil and taking the awesome blog-worthy "LA" photo,
flying down the cosmic connection in all it's glory,
snagging a perfectly adorable charm to wear on my necklace,
then there was a close call with ginormous burritos,
and I will never forget the hunt for coconuts.

So happy my first visit, definitely not my last, to the Griffith Observatory was so much fun!
Next time: stargazing at night!

1 comment:

  1. What, you grabbed Coconuts, and I didn't even get a taste, on my Birthday even?!