Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goal #19: Host a "cookie bake-off"

That's right people! I managed to get 10 seriously awesome friends in my very small kitchen / dining room for some cookie-making-fun! After attending a few of these fun parties with some past coworkers, with a snap! this goal made its way onto my list. So happy we finally were able to do it *satisfied smile*  
I can't be taken seriously at a time like this. 

All girls plus one awesome boy who brought the coolest Star Wars cookie cutters.
"And the best part is, I'm the only boy!" - Jay

The best part: every single one of my friends (with the exception of Madalyn and myself) had never been to a cookie bake-off, and they all LOVED it! I'm seeing many cookie-baking-frosting-fun in our future.

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