Friday, August 31, 2012

Thought Catalog: 10 Frustrating Gender Myths

4. Ladies don’t curse.
Fuck you, man. There is absolutely no reason that peppering your conversations with curse words (or smothering them in swear-filled ranch dressing) makes you any less of a woman. In what alternate universe does inserting a “shit” or a “god damn” to an otherwise hum-drum, church-approved sentence negate your femininity? What, because you are a “lady,” your life is relegated to fainting on ornate couches and hiding your coquettish giggles behind your lace-trimmed fan? And what if I don’t want to be a lady? Frankly, I prefer to be a dame, or a broad — but even if I did want to be a lady, the idea that zesting a sentence up with a blue word would make that an impossibility is an insult to intelligent conversation. Sure, if your entire vocabulary is reduced to Jersey Shore-esque bleep sounds, you might want to pick up a dictionary and brush up on your communication skills. But being inarticulate knows no gender, and cursing certainly isn’t confined to the linguistic arsenal of manhood. Bitch.

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I think it's time to ask the audience... Ladies, how often do you curse?

Ladies, how often do you curse?
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