Monday, October 22, 2012

Goal #22: Have a doggie date with Rufus and Lulu

Madalyn and I are best friends, so why wouldn't our doggies, Rufus and Lulu, right? Ha!

First, introductions for those of you who don't know yet: to the left is Lulu, Madalyn's primped-girly-girl-yorkie... and to the right is Rufus, my bearded-boys-boy-miniature schnauzer

Rufus was all about getting to know Lulu, if you know what I mean. And who can really blame him? Lulu is one hot mama. Which is why she would totally be robbing the cradle if she ever gave into Rufus' incessant attempts to get her on her back. I mean all fours..? Hey, I'm not up with the doggie-do-ways, so the back reference will make sense in a bit. Just keep following me down the rabbit hole...

Location: softball field at a local park, where Mama Madalyn was playing slow pitch softball (another DZP goal on her list), so her boy and I made some fair attempts to get these two acquainted.

As you can see by this photo documentation, fair may be just the nicest word I've got for this kind of behavior.

But thankfully this story does get a happy ending...

After quite a bit of Rufus trying to convince Lulu he was a stand-up-pup, and getting his paw slapped away a few hundred times, Lulu finally gave Rufus the time of day. They successfully were able to chase each other around in some decent sized circles, at quite a top speed. Madalyn and I were left to find our own balance after being spun around so many times, we were literally holding on to each other's sides as to not completely fall over.

Once the field stopped spinning, Lulu was on her back (time! in a 'hey wanna pet my tummy' kind of way, you sickos) with a big smile on her face! So maybe Rufus has a chance after all.

Doggie date #2 will tell. To be continued...

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