Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goal #52: Visit the Fullerton Arboretum

It's pretty sad how many amazing spaces and places surrounds us in this great country, and yet we can sometimes completely overlook them. When it comes to the Fullerton Arboretum, that is exactly what happened to me. I went to Fullerton College and CSUF, and I never knew that this little gem was walking distance from my classes. So of course, if I never visited the Arboretum while studying on the very campus it resides, I had to put it on my list to make certain I would actually go.

During a sister-date where Alex and I spent the day shopping for future centerpieces and selecting the perfect flowers to fill them with, we decided we would finish off the day with a visit to the Arboretum. Which wasn't completely selfish of me considering it is the location of my sister's future wedding!

Awesomely enough, a wedding was already set up and only hours away from taking place at the very same spot she has reserved for her big day! I snapped this little gem in complete excitement at what we have to look forward come July 2013.

The only bummer about visiting after a day of shopping around, was that neither of us were dressed for the occasion. I will not lie, I expected a lot, lot more grass and less dirt trails. So tennis shoes would have been much more appropriate than my sandals. All this means is, next time - very soon, next time - I will be much more prepared and even more willing to venture around the land that is the Fullerton Arboretum.

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