Friday, October 26, 2012

Goal #89: Pay for someone in the drive through behind me

Photo credits: Alex took the fabulous drive through photo, I snapped the photo of the receipt, and Madalyn used her mad-design-skillz and made it look amazing. And for all of you photo police out there, I did make sure I had full and complete permission from MMW to use her fabulous photo documentation, she obviously approved.

This fabulous goal was completed quite a bit ago. Half of me wants to kick my own ass for being a slacker at documenting these awesome adventures. But the other half loves reminiscing about how the adventure came to fruition.

This was yet another goal that Madalyn and I both shared on our lists, and one Sunday morning as we set off for a different DZP adventure with Alex, we all decided Starby's was a must-do before said-adventure could begin. Next came the decision as to which location to go to. And that's when it happened... LET'S GO TO THE DRIVE-THRU AND CROSS THIS OFF OUR LISTS TOO, TOO! Boom! Voila! Bazinga! and whatever bam-boom-voila-word you prefer!

So, very excitedly we ordered our drinks... went to the window and in the cheeriest voices prompted the cashier that we'd like to pay for the person behind us. Without hesitation he ran our cards, handed us our receipt and as we slowly exited the lane, our entire car was peeking back to see the woman behind us receive her free Caramel Macchiato.

Have you ever done this? Did you look to see the reaction or just go on your merry way? I know it's better to do such gestures without anything in return, including recognition and such... But I don't think we were looking for recognition. We were just so excited to see her face brighten up! I'd love to hear your stories of nice gestures. Do share.

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  1. my bam-boom-viola-word is...
    Uh eeh uh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang